Matthias Ockert
(15 works)
open room in overlapping spaces (2013)
quartet, ensemble and electronics
Quartett (2013)
recorder, piano, violin and doublebass
Strombahnen II
open circuits

electric guitar and electronics
molecular attraction (2008)
alto saxophone, electric guitar and live-electronics
exquilibrium extd. (2012)
for ensemble

flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, french horn, percussion, piano, 2 violin, viola, cello, doublebass
stretto (2005)
8-channel tape
porous horizons (2005)
tenor saxophone, accordeon and cello
Schwung (2008)
flute, oboe and clarinet
Primum Mobile (2007/08)
voices, ensemble and electronics
Nachglut (2006)
for large ensemble and live-electronics
xanthopsia (2009)
dance, light, electric guitar and electronics
laminar flow (2010)
flute, bass clarinet, electric guitar, piano, violin, violoncello and electronics
continuous open flux (2009)
solo doublebass, for percussion players and electronics