News - Matthias Ockert

December 8 2012
Multimedia concert with Matthias Ockert's Polytheistic Ensemble at ZKM Karlsruhe
September 5 2012
"Strombahnen - II. open circuits" (2011) for electric guitar and electronics
a recording of the premiere can be seen here
May 11 2012
Selected scenes of "Primum Mobile (2007/08)" for female voices, ensemble and electronics will be recorded by the Klangforum Heidelberg with Walter Nussbaum at ZKM Karlsruhe in August. The recording will be released on a portrait CD in the "Edition Zeitgenössische Musik" by wergo in 2013.
February 23 2010
His new work
Exquilibrium (2010) for flute, piano and percussion
will be premiered by Ensemble Intégrales on March 3rd 2010 at Hamburgische Staatsoper.

At the moment he's working on a piece entitled
laminar flow (2010) for flute, bassclarinet, electric guitar, piano, violin, violoncello and electronics
which will be premiered on May 3rd 2010 at klangspuren plus of Münchner Biennale.
Also his electronic piece purifications (2006) for stereo-tape will be played, and he will perform Electric Counterpoint by Steve Reich on electric guitar.
The electronics for laminar flow and Electric Counterpoint will be produced at the ZKM|Institut für Musik und Akustik.

September 13 2009
is now writing a piece for doublebass, 4 percussion players and electronics, which will be performed by Berlin Philharmonic solo doublebassist Edicson Ruiz and portuguese Drumming-GP in Lisboa, February 2010.
July 1 2009
received the Wolfgang-Rihm-Stipend by the Hoepfner Foundation Karlsruhe, for which he will write a piece for piano, electric guitar and electronics.
November 11 2008
Matthias Ockert joins sumtone. Matthias is a composer and jazz guitar player, who writes for electronics, traditional instruments, jazz and experimental video. As well as being a former composition student of Wolfgang Rihm, he studied jazz guitar in New York with Bill Connors and Attila Zoller.