News - Ludger Bruemmer

April 20 2017
Ludger Brümmer will be in the jury for Music and Soundart of Prix Ars Electronica 2017.
January 20 2017
New Interview at Yale Radio. Have a look at, an interesting site with lots of interviews from many artists.
November 10 2015
Ruhr-Ort Nov.11+12th, 2015 - 20.00h in Lublin, Poland Info: In 1991, Susanne Linke created her legendary dance theater piece Ruhr-Ort; in it she focused on the men’s work in the steel factories and mines. Physical exhaustion became dance and formed impressive images of the world of labor in the old Ruhr region. The extraordinary choreography returned on stage. Susanne Linke is reconstructing "Ruhr-Ort“ at Schauspielhaus Bochum together with the dancers of the Herner Street-Art Kompagnie Pottporus/Renegade. This will be a unique meeting between street art and dance theater, between the old and the new ruhr region, between dance history and contemporary urban art. Choreographie & Regie / Choreography & direction: Susanne Linke Bühne / stage: Frank Leimbach (Original), Berit Schog (Ausführung) Beratung Bühne / Consulting stage: Robert Schad Kostüme / costumes: Angela Spreer (Original), Agnes Langenbucher (Ausführung) Musik / music: Ludger Brümmer Video / video: Momme Hinrichs, Torge Möller (fettFilm) Dramaturgie / dramaturgy: Waltraud Körver, Sabine Reich Mit / with: Ibrahima Biaye, Alexis Fernandez Ferrera, Said Gamal, Janis Heldmann, Paul Hess, Julio Cesar Iglesias Ungo, Lin Verleger, Victor Zapata.
May 8 2013
"Urban Voices" Sound Installation, Premiere of the Installation during the opening of the exhibition"Kultur:Stadt" at the Akademie der Künste, Berlin, Hanseatenweg. More info at:
May 30 2012
Im Tiefbunker am Alten Botanischen Garten Luisenstrasse in München wird vom 30 Mai bis 24 Juni die interaktive Installation O.R.PHEUS von Evelyn Hribersek mit Augmented Reality Environment von Bernd Lintermann und Musik von Ludger Brümmer präsentiert. Infos unter
November 3 2008
After presenting the work "Glasharfe" on the international renowed Festival Inventionen in Berlin it will be presented on the ISCM World Music Days in Vilnius within a sounddome installation especially created for the concert.